2020 Conference Proceedings

WPCA/FirstEnergy Virtual FGD WWT Seminar - On-Line
WPCA/FirstEnergy ELG Seminar - Pittsburgh, PA

2019 Conference Proceedings

WPCA/Duke Co-Firing Seminar - Spartanburg, SC
WPCA/TVA Ash Pond Seminar - Oak Ridge, TN

2018 Conference Proceedings

WPCA/KCP&L Coal-fired APC Environmental Seminar - Kansas City, MO

2017 Conference Proceedings

WPCA/LG&E and KU Coal-fired APC Environmental Seminar - Louisville, KY

2016 Conference Proceedings

WPCA/TVA "Coal & Gas" Seminar - Gallatin, TN

2014 Conference Proceedings

WPCA/Entergy "Increasing Energy Efficiency of Existing Units" Seminar - The Woodlands, TX

2013 Conference Proceedings

WPCA/Southern Company Wastewater Treatment Seminar - Atlanta, GA
WPCA/Duke Energy Wastewater Treatment Seminar - Charlotte, NC

2012 Conference Proceedings

WPCA/Southern Company Mercury Seminar - Birmingham, AL
WPCA/Duke Energy MATS Precipitator Seminars - Plainfield, IN, Charlotte, NC
WPCA Coal to Gas Conversion Seminars - Pensacola, FL, Detroit, MI

2011 Conference Proceedings

WPCA-Duke Energy Fabric Filter / HAPS Seminar - Plainfield, IN
WPCA Illinois Regional Seminar - Normal, IL

2010 Conference Proceedings

WPCA Illinois Technical APC Seminar - Springfield, IL

2009 Conference Proceedings

WPCA/FirstEnergy Biomass Seminar - Akron, OH
WPCA Dry Scrubber and Particulate Control Training at the APC Conference - Woodlands, TX

2008 Conference Proceedings

WPCA Wet FGD Technical Seminar - Orlando, FL
WPCA/Duke Energy Seminar - Charlotte, NC
WPCA/Ameren ESP/NOx Seminar - Effingham, IL
WPCA Scrubber Training at the APC Conference - Savannah, GA
WPCA SCR Training at the NOx Conference - Richmond, VA

2007 Conference Proceedings

APC/PCUG Conference: Scrubber O&M - ESP/FF Fundamentals - Chattanooga, TN
WPCA/ESKOM Scrubber Seminar - Kruger Park, South Africa

2006 Conference Proceedings

WPCA/AMEREN Particulate Seminar - St. Louis, MO

2005 Conference Proceedings

WPCA/DOMINION Particulate-Scrubber Seminar - Glen Allen, VA
WPCA/DUKE NOx Seminar - Charlotte, NC

2004 Conference Proceedings

WPCA/Duke Scrubber Seminar - Charlotte, NC